3D printed robot mockup model of Marvin

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This is a 3D printed scale model of Marvin. It is a representation of the Finished robot wtih vacuum formed detachable shells covereing the body.
The head is vacuum formed too and will be made of several parts including 2 Microsoft HD webcams

Visit at Experimentarium

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We had a robot/3D print evening at experimentarium with invited experts and teachers looking for ways to use 3D printing and robots in education situations.
Marvin worked as i expected,- he was taking a lot of wrong spoken orders, and did a lot of unexpected things. His Speech recognition capabilities has much to be desired in noisy environments. I would like to implement the Kinect for Windows which has an array of 4 microphones which can do sound localication.


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Jeg vil gerne markere alle mine kabler med kabelmærker og små skilte som kan fås hos www.skiltdirect.dk . Det er nemt, hurtigt og billigt at bestille skilte til kabel mærkning og apparat mærkning.

I would like to label all the cabling with small labels and signs, which can be ordered at www.skiltdirect.dk. It’s easy, quick and cheap to design and order signs and labels for cables

GPS robot test drive

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retractable arm

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arm 2
arm 3

I have done some work on the arms. I want them to be retractable meaning that Marvin can hide his arms inside the body when not needed.
The arms are powered by standard high power RC servoes bought at hobbyking. The should has 2 35kg RC servoes and the retraction is done with a standard
RC servo and a sliding rail.

Videos with Marvin

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Visit my Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Klitgaard71

GPS Robot

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GPS robot

This robot has only one purpose so far, and that is to drive just one round around my block where i live.

I use the Ardupilot controller developed by www.diydrones.com.

The guys at diydrones really have done a nice work with this open source controller.


IMG_1039 IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1032

The wheels are normally used for a pram. they are cheap and really easy to adapt for a robot vehicle.

I used pulleys from RS components : 745-668, 744-952 and timing belts from RS : 474-5779

The base is strong and support my weight easily as seen.


10″ touch monitor

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I have mounted a 10″ touch monitor on the front of marvin for easy access to his software.

It’s an openframe monitor with resistive touch function.

touch monitor

model of head

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I decided to use ordinary clay for ceramics to model the basic shape for the vacuum models. It’s cheap and easy to buy in the local hobby shop. It will only last as long as it is wet, and it is not re-useable but it doesn’t matter because i will only use the model once.

IMG_0339 IMG_0341 IMG_0344

Basic model

IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0348

Next step is to put on some layers of latex

IMG_0352 IMG_0353 IMG_0355

Then i cut some cloth and covered the model with it and then again some latex covers.


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I’ve installed 5 pcs. MAXSonar EZ1 sonars from wwww.maxbotix.com. The sonar have multible choices of output and

can replace the SRF04 sonar which is used in other Leaf robots.

They have a range of 15cm to 6,45meters which is very nice for such a small sonar.

sonar connections